Faulty Towers A One Night Stand


The actors that have performed the worldwide hit show Faulty Towers The Dining Experience,

bring you Faulty Towers A One Night Stand.

Hire Basil Faulty as your Master Of Ceremonies to present prizes and awards

that can be tailor made to your event.

Will Sybil stand up to the microphone? What will Manuel do?

Half scripted and half improvised, this is an hour of interactive comedy that will give your guests

lots of laughs and many mad moments!

The set up:

One hour of entertainment which can also be split into 3 sections.

Suitable for an awards night, prize-giving or family celebration.

The show can be performed in conference rooms,

theatres or larger venues.

Basil Faulty, the un-PC MC, and his wife Sybil will host your event, and then there's Manuel....

We can discuss the event with you in advance to

make extra material relevant to your event.

Your guests become nominees for the awards

customised to your business or celebration.